life: the stats

20 Aug

Here is todays AP. in numbers.

  • 134 – the number of emails replied to.  Officially I’m declaring that the Mac is broke so I don’t have to reply to the replies on Monday morning!!!
  • 1 – caramel macchiato, fruit salad, and large slightly warm san pelligrino
  • 13 – the number of time we listed to bad romance by lady gaga (yup, we agree, we think we have it out of our system now)
  • 1 – can of cherry coke.  How very retro.
  • 11 – the number of calls in my recent calls list
  • 3 – the number of text messages I’ve yet to reply to, yeah I know, I’m on it, I’m on it!
  • 2 – times we said natch’ in conversation, cos we were talking to a friend in PR, and it felt, well, totally natch’!!!
  • 1 – movie.  Snow White.  perfect classic to watch Friday night dissapear into Saturday morning to . . .

until tomorrow.  Goodnight London.



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