design: topshop – the big apple

21 Aug

Topshop.  No before you ask – we’re not writing about the Arcadia store chain, no.  Topshop is the start of AP. research into hot new stores, and boutiques from around the world.  Todays stop.  London’s Covent Garden . . .

So after a little cultural refreshment at Somerset House, what else was there to do but sample a couple of London’s best new retail stores . . .

We skipped (OK, more like ran . . . ) over to the new apple store.  Not just any old store, but the worlds largest.  Residing in the old the Rock Garden club in the heart of London’s Covent Garden (there was a time when AP. can remember throwing up in the bathrooms  after a particularly wild night there, but that’s not for now – thats for another time . . . ) and we were blown away by the sheer scale of the place.

If you like a gadget, or a shiny new toy that’ll make everyone else if this boys office just die, well then like me, you’ll knock yourself out here.  Not only have apple reclaimed a wonderful old victorian warehouse, and given her a facelift, but they give you more iPads to play with than at any of their other retail outlets across the globe.  This my friends is worth the airfare to LHR on its own!

after feeling like we could spend a million pounds on things we’re sure we need, but couldn’t tell you why, we had to prise our fingers off the iPads and get our asses out of apple . . . where apon we stumbled right into the new Jack Wills store.  Now we couldn’t quite decipher why there was a general woosh of excitement in the area.  What is it about the faux college prep style of Jack Wills that sends kids that have clearly never been anywhere near the hallow’d dorms of public school, nor even walked across a polo field, stark raving crazy?  This is however a brand on the up and up.  With branches opening across the states, and several lucrative tie ins with major ivy league players like harvard under tis belt its sure to go a long way, and I’d like to hasten a bet that perhaps has even broaer appeal and staying power that it’s American contemorary A&F, this brand just feels a little more ‘real’ than the “hey I’m hip too” Holister and it’s older brother . . . David and Goliath?  This is one battle AP. that will run and run . . .



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