design: helvetica. whats in a type anyway?

22 Aug

Flicking through the pages of the latest Gallery magazine (where only the worlds best graphics reside!) we came across these amazing images from Gary Austin at studio seven zero.  Which got us here at AP. thinking that we have a particular type!

Helvetica typeface to be exact, and it seems from the images below that we’re not the only ones that have the same feeling . . . in fact click on the link and you’ll find an entire film devoted to the subject.  Found your type? We think we just did.

oh where for art thou helvetica?



One Response to “design: helvetica. whats in a type anyway?”


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    […] in a type anyway? Following on from the AP. post on our love for helvetica which you can read here, we wanted to take the time to share some of our favourite images of typography . . . iconic […]

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