life: lady gaga mania shows no signs of slowing down!

27 Aug

Around the world no pop-star has captured the imagination quite so fast or quite so deeply as Lady GaGa.  She has reached a level of meteoric pop super-stardom not seen since the Spice Girls and is so super talented she is making Britney Spears look like a second rate side show act, she has (without even trying) finished off Christina Aguilera’s attempt at a chart comeback and has created as many iconic images as Madonna in just 2 years.

Yet as the mad as monsterball tour roll’s on it seems that it’s ringmaster has showed no signs of slowing down – or indeed of letting her love for high fashion play second fiddle – as demonstrated by yet another 2 magazine covers.  This time for Vanity Fair (above) and British high style mag i-D (below).

This Lady is one that shows no signs of slowing down, or tiring her evolutionary image.  Of course when the results look this good – who would want her to.

Queen of twitter indeed, and long may she reign!



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