design: future london; now.

30 Aug

London has steadily for the past few years been climbing up the rankings of any list comparing major cities, eclipsing New York as the worlds pre-eminent financial district, still holds it’s own against the fashion capitals of the world and even managed to outpace Paris with it’s bid for the 2012 olympic games, so just what is it about London that continues to inspire and delight?

We here at AP. can’t say with any degree of certainty.  It should by all accounts have been long since passed over and become a monument to past glories, and have become another stop on the tourist travel in the same way that Athens and Venice have become, but there is something about London which just won’t quit.  Well whatever it is we’re loving that London is enjoying yet another renaissance and as these images show there is yet more greatness to come in the future.

London in the year 2040 as imagined by GMJ

The new Shard at London Bridge Quarter by Sellar property group, once built will when completed in 2012 tower over everything else in not only London, but at 310 m (1,017 ft) tall the whole of Europe!

Also on the horizon is the City of London’s tallest building and the second tallest in both London and Europe (after the Shard).  The Pinnacle will also make a stunning addition to the cities skyline in time for the opening ceremony of the London olympics in 2012.

London is most definitely swinging again!



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