fashion: kate moss looses out in topshop shake up.

2 Sep

It was a marriage made in retail heaven, and made an international star out of not only the british supermodel, but also out of her ‘uncle phil’ the legendary head of the global cheap chic fashion chain, topshop.  Now though it does look like topshop gathers no moss as the mega famous chain has dropped its collection with the famous model (instyle).

Phillip Green said in a statement it was due to other commitments and the collection taking up too much of her time, whilst reports state that it was due to his fury at her branching out into fragrance and an exclusive handbag collection with longchamp earlier this year.  Either way what is clear is that the collection hasn’t been as commercially successful as the retailer had hoped, and as with the retailer parting ways with former head Jane Sheperdson could just be ‘uncle phils’ way of showing that the brand is bigger than the person . . .



One Response to “fashion: kate moss looses out in topshop shake up.”

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