beauty: calvin klein’s latest boyfriend has a porn past!

4 Sep

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No surprise there then.  Calvin Klein the openly gay designer (well as open as you can be without being ‘open’) who has has a beachfront property on the notorious gay resort in the US has always surrounded himself with hot young gay models (well, it’s probably research for his underwear ad’s!!!)

His latest squeeze, Nick Gruber, has seen him courting some controversy as not only is the handsome ‘model’ just 20 years old (man, he likes ’em young) but also  a former gay porn star, having stared in over 10 movies.

Calvin, this is likely to draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Whatever they might e AP. has dug out some of the more PG images from his career to share with you, see what you think . . .



11 Responses to “beauty: calvin klein’s latest boyfriend has a porn past!”

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