beauty: noah mills is mr sex and the city

6 Sep

OK so we know that for most of us Sex and the City 2 was like a million years ago, but we at AP. feel like it’s as fresh as a daisy, and part of that reason must be down to the fact that one of the stars, Noah Mills, seems to be everywhere these days.  Noah seen (above) in a shot from the movie was recently photographed for Grazia magazine and the photos (below) speak for themselves . . .

If you like Noah – read more about him here.

The D&G poster boy was born in TorontoCanada and grew up in BaltimoreMaryland. After eighth grade he went to boarding school in Australia. A regular on the New York party scene Mills has become one of the few male models to reach across the media spectrum to become one of one a handful of the true male supermodels.

Well we wouldn’t want to argue with that now, would we?



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