life: primark needs more space, oxford street, space.

7 Sep

Primark will soon be in need of more clothes hangers as it is set to open its second shop on Oxford Street in London.

After taking on the unfashionable Western end of Oxford Street and driving customers hunting for a cheap bargain in their droves they’re now looking to take on the ‘other unfashionable’ end, the East side of the famous shopping location, meaning that Primark will effectively ‘book-end’ Oxford Street with it’s largest store to date.

Paul Marchant, chief executive of the fashion retailer, said: “We are pleased to be part of this redevelopment plan and we hope that the new Primark store will act as a key catalyst for the regeneration of the Tottenham Court Road end of Oxford Street.”

Will there be enough room for 2 cheap, erm, chic(!) stores on the one street.  Well after Oxford Street was confirmed this week as Europe’s busiest high street, and beat off the competition to be named the worlds top shopping destination, (evening standard) perhaps there is room for both . . .


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