life: 7 days, 1 week.

12 Sep

Just in from a wonderful meal overlooking the sleepy village green on London’s picturesque Blackheath village and realising that as Saturday night is slowly giving way to Sunday morning that another week has passed us by.  (for those of us in the UK, we start a new week with a day of rest, unlike the rest of the world, who start it on a Monday with a day at work!!!) Anyway, to mark the passing of 7 days, I thought I’d share 7 things that have been occupying my brain this week . . .

1. Walt Disney World

After booking our holiday there for next May, my partner Chip and I have been researching it like mad.  Now I’ve been before, but the key is to plan, plan, plan.  Hmmm why is it exactly that people return from Orlando saying they need another vacation?  The holiday is even more prominent this week, after learning that 2 of my best friends are going to fly out and join us for a few days of fun in the magic kingdom . . . May here we come.

2. gym at canary riverside

As part of my on-going search for that illusive perfect body, Chip and I have been spending lots of time at our gym.  Now it isn’t all as bad as it sounds, the gym is part of the four seasons hotel complex, and is right on the river so while we work out we get one of the best views across the river thames and the london skyline, then afterwards we get to chill in the infinity pool that looks right across London, aaaaaaaaah relaxy taxi!!!!  As for that beach perfect body.  I’m still looking . . .

3. hummingbird cupcakes

Whats the best thing about finishing work?  Hmmm, well beside the obvious of course.  Chip surprised me this week waiting to pick me up from the office with a box full of brightly coloured sugary coated cupcakes from London’s finest bakery, it isn’t for nothing that Jennifer Lopez is counted amongst one of their biggest fans!

4. Amalfi

Well, ok, the Il Saraceno Grand hotel in Amalfi.  I was there earlier this year and fell in love, literally, fell in love with the hotel and the area itself.  There is nowhere on earth quite like it, with good reason the locals call it paradise.  Chip and I have just booked a small trip back there at the end of September, and I cannot wait get back into the clear blue water of the mediterranean sea, oh man, not long now!!!

5. Cecconis

Next to the Wolseley, this is our favourite London breakfast spot, and although technically part of the next 7 days, Chip and I are heading there tomorrow for breakfast, I’m thinking about the sausages already . . .

6. Home house club

it’s our favourite hang out place at te moment, enjoying something of a social renaissance, made all the more fun now that 2 of our best friends are joining the membership too.  Winter drinks cuddled up on the sofa, you bet!

7. New York fashion week.

As the first of the big 4 kicks off – it’s practically all I’ll live, eat, and breathe for the next 4 weeks.  We can hardly contain ourselves . . . but we’ll try!!!

So that just about rounds up 7 days and 1 week.  I gotta hit the hay, theres a busy morning breakfasting in Mayfair, followed by Autumn spotting in the Royal parks, and the Raphael tapestries at the V&A . . .

Until tomorrow trend watchers.



2 Responses to “life: 7 days, 1 week.”

  1. itsstrangelyme September 12, 2010 at 00:33 #

    Your life sounds so exciting, I’m a little jealous.
    Have an amazing trip!

    • amarige panache September 12, 2010 at 09:59 #

      aaaaah no not really, just trying to enjoy everything london has to offer 🙂 I’ll keep you posted about the trip.

      AP. x

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