life: a new season, yipee.

12 Sep

If there is one thing we love most about living in London, then it is also the thing we hate.

For everything that we love about the Summer, the long lazy days that stretch on forever, that there is no need for an excuse to crack open a chilled bottle of bubbles, the soft summer glow on our skin, and the fact that without being wind chapped people seem generally happier!!!  We hate to see it go, though paradoxically we certainly do love the noticeable change in season.  We have friends that live in Sydney, that had moved there for the perma-summer, whenever they call (which they do, often!) the one thing they constantly bemoan is that they miss that distinct change in season that we enjoy (or not!) here in London.

Anyway, Chip and I were out scouting the Royal Parks today, working off the breakfast we stuffed down ourselves at Cecconi’s, and looking for the changing leaves, we certainly found a few, which means only one thing, yes Autumn is here.  Now please don’t think AP. has entirely lost it’s mind, no.  It means that it is time not only to invest in new pieces for the wardrobe, but also time to start layering again.  The Summer in London is a particularly unforgiving time to layer what with all that running for a taxi, into bars out of bars, and don’t even mention the tube, not fun!  But Autumn, now Autumn is something else all together, Autumn, like Spring, is just right for layering.  Winter (much too cold, too many layers) and Summer (too hot!) both don’t work, but we find ourselves having something of a goldilocks moment (mmmm just right!) at the mention of Autumn.

Which brings me nicely onto my find for today.  After enjoying the parks, and stroll through the V&A (more on that later) I managed to do some outfit planning, where I came across these great new looks from Italian superbrand Energie.  Its a brand which had all but dropped off our radar, having become something of a gay uniform here in London, but I have to say I think they may just have found their mojo, as these photos from their latest lookbook show . . .

And yeah we know, the models aren’t bad either 😉



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