life: latest celebrity craze starts here . . .

12 Sep

First came the social networking phenomenon MySpace.  Then Facebook pi**ed all over it, then Twitter sh*t all over that and since then you could be forgiven for thinking world has gone into social networking overdrive.  Now it seem’s though that some ‘celebrities’ are hitting back . . .

Amanda Bynes (yeah we have no idea who she is either) has joined Miley Cyrus in deleting her Twitter account.

Aaaaah well.  Another celebrity OD’s on social networking.  I hear that the Betty Ford Clinic is in a race with the promises clinic (favourite holiday destination for the wonderful Ms BJ Spears – there’s a joke in there somewhere kids!) to have the first, ween yourself off social networking and back into ‘normal’ society group sessions.   Amanda Bynes the chubby faced star of, erm, hairspray! has apparently already signed up.
– Stage 1; delete all known social networking sites you may own, ok done!
– Stage 2; learning to talk again – and interactive study with ‘real’ people.
Oh I’m sorry, do we actually care?  No probably not, but seeing how long it takes for her to start one again, one she notices that nobody cares will give AP. something to do on a cold winters evening . . .

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