life: using her machine to take over the world? starting with the vma’s.

12 Sep

It’s that time of year again.  Yes the MTV VMA’s – yes we know, it isn’t as spectacular as years gone by (who can forget, Britney at well erm, just about every VMA, and of course Mrs VMA herself Madonna causing a commotion) but what we’ll be looking out for most this year is the more than spectacular Florence and the Machine.

The British band that have so far slunk under the mainstream radar in the US said of their hotly anticipated debut tonight that people may explode during her performance.  The singer is due to perform her hit ‘Dog Days Are Over’ at the ceremony in Los Angeles.  In an interview with MTV, singer Florence Welch said she was hoping to recreate the track’s original video (see it here), which saw people spontaneously combust.  “It’s going to be great. It’s sort of energy and chaos,” she said.   “There’s people, like, actually physically exploding in the video, and hopefully that won’t happen. If everyone’s really into it, that’s fine with me, but we haven’t planned it.”

Welch has received four nominations for the song, including Video Of The Year and Best Rock Video.



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