fashion: wu you believe it? fashion maverick strikes gold again.

12 Sep

Jason Wu, fashions current it boy has shown his latest collection at New York Fashion week, and it would seem lightening does strike the same place twice, in fact, this boy is something of a lightening conductor judging by his skill for hitting the mark time and time again.

Jason added a further 30 retail stores for the brand in a buying trip to Paris in July – for a brand that already retails in 120 outlets internationally and is just four years old thats a very impressive number, so why exactly does he keep getting it so right?  AP. couldn’t tell you for sure, but we think that the ease of which he combines high octane glamour with an easy to wear everyday chic has something to do with it.

See for yourself with this selection taken from the latest show, the clothes are hot, and we’re totally into the turban, it seems that this collection has more than a passing nod to past YSL collections . . . though we’re not sure that we’re entirely loving the toboggan run that the models are strutting along, that of course could just be us though!

See the full collection on here.



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