design: london unveils another 21st century landmark.

18 Sep

The London Eye, which has not only become one of the British capitals most visited attractions, is also a landmark now commonly associated with London itself, and a beacon for London’s unrivalled position as the worlds most dynamic city, now has some competition in the form of the proposed London cable car system.

Not content to be outdone by other major cities such as Barcelona, Cologne, Hong Kong, Lisbon, New York and Singapore that already operate cable car systems.  London mayor, Boris Johnson, has just announced plans to run a new cable car system (route shown below) to the east of the city from the site of the worlds most popular music venue the O2, across to the Royal Docks, home to London City airport, and many of the staging events for the summer Olympics being held in the city in 2012.

The mayor added: ‘A cable car spanning the majestic Thames would not only provide a unique and pioneering addition to London’s skyline, but also offer a serene and joyful journey across the river.  Passengers would be able to drink in the truly spectacular views of the Olympic Park and iconic London landmarks whilst shaving valuable minutes from their travelling time.  We’ve found these mock-ups showing how the cable car could look once in situ, and we have to say we’re super excited, one return ticket please!



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