life: the ap. holiday day 1.

27 Sep

It was an early morning flight to Naples for Chip and I on our Autumn sojourn to Amalfi, and an early morning means two very grumpy boys, but after sulking through customs and into airport shopping, grabbing a new pair of brogues, some much needed bits from Jo Malone, magazines books n stuff we felt much better.

We made it to Naples airport in one piece and without international incident and readied ourselves for the 2hr car journey to the Amalfi coast.  Amalfi is one of our favourite places to visit on holiday – and from the pictures you can see why the locals call it paradise.  Passing along the Sorrentine peninsular and up into the mountains the landscape is something reminiscent of Asia with steeped slopes and terraces cut into rock covered with Olive and Lemon tree’s – the road snakes like a draped necklace up into the mountain rising up before dropping back on itself with many a hairpin bend – it takes nerves of steel to look out over the edge at the sheer drop, but before we knew it we were through the tunnel at the top that cuts out the very peak of the mountain range and through onto the other side with a view across the Gulf of Salerno, and the view is nothing short of spectacular – you can see why the Greeks believed this land was the place of gods . . .

We stayed at the magnificent Il Saraceno grand hotel an old Moorish fortress cut into the rock, we stopped there first to drop off our bags and to hit the beach after a light lunch. As much of the Amalfi coast is balanced on the side of a mountain there aren’t many hotels with access to a beach, or even have a pool which with the unforgiving Mediterranean heat can be unbearable, luckily our hotle had a pool and it’s own private beach . . .

After soaking up one or two of the hot Italian suns rays we got ourselves ready and off to the mountain top town of Ravello and to the stunning Hotel Caruso one of the Orient express hotels to hang by the pool and for dinner – and as you’ll see from the picture of the infinity pool above nestled along a wall of the Norman fortress which previously occupied the site, the hotel is truly something to take your breath away . . . well of course after a few too many glasses of champagne, drunk, tired and tan Chip and I slumped ourselves into the back of the cab, ready to snake the way along the perilous roads to slink into bed and ready ourselves for day 2 . . .



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