life: the ap. holiday day 2.

28 Sep

So if there is one thing AP. loves to do on holiday its wake up early.  Poor Chip on the other hand cannot stand it, there is something so peaceful about catching the sunrise, those first few seconds of morning that make the world seem like a perfect place, the snap above was taken on the second morning in Amalfi and what a sunrise.  With soft cotton candy cloud’s falling down the mountain and evaporating where they touch the sea, and the fiery red of the sun rises from the water like a serpent from a monster movie.

Thankfully the sea stayed calm as we were off on a boat trip today – once Chip had woken up, and after gorging ourselves at the breakfast on the terrace we made our we to to beach where we had hired our very own boat for the day for just the 2 of us.  You can see some snaps we took of our hotel from the water, the beautiful and picture perfect Mediterranean town of Positano, Amalfi from the coast and AP. chillin out on the sun deck . . .

After a tiring day riding the waves, playing at being captain and catching the sun we made our way into Amalfi town to look around the stunning cathederal (below) and for a quiet glass of pinot grigio and a pizza (well, it is Italy after all . . . )



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