life: the ap. holiday day 3.

29 Sep

Another sunrise over the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean sent Chip and I scurrying to the local port and onto a boat for the millionaires playground of Capri.

Capri has long been famous as the pinnacle of the famous ‘grand tours’ undertaken by ‘society’, aristocracy, and royalty for centuries.  Even so beloved by the Roman emperor Tiberius that he built a palatial villa here and kept it for use as a Summer residence to entertain the male and female lovers he had, though rumour suggests that once he was finished with them he would have them taken to the bottom of the villa’s grounds and thrown from the cliffs high above Capri onto the rocks below, thankfully no such fate awaited Chip and I as we sped towards the blissful isle . . .

Of course the best part about visiting a millionaires playground is that it has some familiar stores that made us feel at home right away, and well once we saw the Prada boutique I just had to pop in and grab this jumper . . .

Of course we weren’t there just for shopping, Chip had been bugging me for months, literally months to visit the famous blue grotto, so grudgingly I relented and left the relative safety (relative only because it’s dangerous for my bank manager!) and deep pile carpets of Prada and headed back to the harbour for a tour of the grotto, a short boat trip along the sheer cliff walls of Capri and we arrived at the entrance to the blue grotto.  We had to transfer into a tiny rowing boat and lay flat on the deck to fit through the mouth to the cave as you can just about make out in the photo below – and then as you can see in the photo underneath once inside the wait was worth it.  So laying flat on my back squeezing through the tiny rock formation we entered a pitch black cave where ahead I could see nothing but the empty space that a black void usually fills – it wasn’t until the gondolier told us to sit up and turn around that you witness the dazzling effect the light has on the water.  Where the suns rays peek through the gap just enough to illuminate the water and sparkle like a thousand Sapphire’s we had barely managed to get our eyes to focus and take it all in before we knew what was happening we were at the mouth of the cave, pushed to the deck, and back out squinting into the blistering afternoon sun . . .

We arrived back at port and hopped back onto the jet to Amalfi, straight into a car and onto our hotel.  Tonight was all about dinner at Italy’s top restaurant, Don Alfonso 1890, situated in a quiet monastery town Sant Agata this is no ordinary place.  Run by the Alfonso family who not only cook for you but also host in the dining room, they grow, cook and catch everything they serve either on their own farm, or from the local area, the food is nothing short of spectacular and the service is like nothing I’ve ever received anywhere else on earth – and as it is my second visit this year the 14 course meal more than made up for the time away, and it’s certainly deserving of the three michelin stars awarded.  Of course no meal here is complete without a chilled limoncello served in the garden and a tour of the 6th century BC wine cellar and well, where they mature the cheese they make on their own farm, yes, indeed this place is truly special . . .

Again, drunk and sleepy we headed back to the hotel to bed . . .



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