life: the ap. holiday day 4.

30 Sep

Well, the last day is always a bummer.  Luckily our flight was at 10:30pm so we had a full day, and thankfully as it was our second trip to Amalfi this year we didn’t feel the tourist pressures to get out and see more before we left.

So with that in mind we took the opportunity to relax and chill on the beach here’s some photos of Chip and I hanging on the beach, and the rock pool that we went diving into for shrimps . . .

After we had finished sunbaking ourselves on we caught the boat over to a samll fish restaurant at the bottom of the cove which you can just make out with the white roof in the photo below.  A perfect way to end a perfect few days in Amalfi.  Phew.  Now back to rainy cold London . . .



One Response to “life: the ap. holiday day 4.”

  1. ciaraLE October 6, 2010 at 18:41 #

    One of my FAVORITE POSTS thus far.

    I love seeing things like this to better be able to daydream of traveling and seeing the world! It looks like you had such a beautiful time.

    I am so happy you had safe travels as well.

    Welcome back to reality friend. 😉


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