7 days 1 week: help Japan. Please.

18 Mar

Fashion, art, design.  They all seem meaningless when across the world people suffer.  Today AP. is asking you to think of those affected by last Fridays Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.  These are real people, like you and I – who went about their normal activities on Friday, some of them returned home to find their homes, neighbourhoods and even towns no longer existed.  Some of them lost their entire family, many never returned at all . . .

Please log onto the Red Cross and donate something, anything at all to helping those less fortunate, no matter how little you have today – trust me they have less.  Donate here.


One Response to “7 days 1 week: help Japan. Please.”


  1. 7 days 1 week: radiation rains on Tokyo, detected over Iceland & London. « Amarige Panache - March 23, 2011

    […] read  our earlier post here and do all you can to help the red cross help those affected by the continuing fallout following […]

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