design: The city is the real star in the 2012 Olympics.

21 Mar

Ever been to London and wondered as you walk back from Buckingham Palace what it would be like to see scantily clad men and woman playing beach volleyball on the historic parade ground at the bottom of the Mall?  Or wandered through Greenwich park, King Henry VIII’s favourite hunting ground and wished you could hear the thunder of hooves on the hallowed ground?

Well for those who answered yes to both of these next year at the London 2012 Summer Olympics your wish will be granted, as these latest graphics released show – and how exciting the venues look – where the Beijing Olympics impressed by sheer magnitude and scale of every venue the London Olympics prove already to be a more understanding affair (some might say a much more typically British show) by using temporary venues in spectacular settings, and as with the masterstroke of diving platform at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics shows that the City itself, not just a handful of architects will be the real star . . .

Apply for tickets and to see the rest of the venues click just here.




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