art? tree spiders in Pakistan.

6 Apr

Now we here at AP. like to find beauty in everything.  The floods that devastated parts of Pakistan and brought the country to it’s knees in 2010 had a lasting effect on the counties population of, erm, spiders.

With fast rising water the arachnid’s had nowhere to scurry other than to higher ground – and found this in nearby trees, with the floodwater not receding for days and even weeks in some parts the trees that became the sancutuary for these spiders quickly became enveloped in thick web’s that gave an eerie but beautiful effect – that we have to say looks like a photoshopped work of art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The spiders obviously had one major plus – the red cross reported that cases of malaria from airborne mosquitos usually associated with large volumes of stagnant water were far fewer than expected.



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