7 days 1 week: sun finally hits london.

7 Apr

Sometimes you want noise. Today isn’t one of those days.

Spring has most definitely sprung, london feels like it is slowly shaking off the dark cloak of winter and like a hunched old man trying to regain it’s posture for the heat of summer.

AP. decided to welcome spring by taking a stroll in one of the royal parks, which if you’ve ever been to London, then you’ll know they are a real treasure. In Paris parkland is few and far between, and grass you’re actually allowed to sit on is even fewer and farther, whilst in New York you either handle the bridge and tunnel club and head to the hamptons or take a risk in trying to fight for a space in central park. Not so in London. London treasures it’s open spaces like no other city, and the royal parks are a beauty in their own right!

It’s Greenwich park that occupies us today, and sitting here listening to the faint whirring and grinding of the muscled city in the background we can’t help but think there really is no other city in the world we’d rather be in right now . . .








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