design: set sail this Summer with Aquariva, by Gucci and Riva

15 Apr

Do you have a spare $750,000 laying around?  Were you looking for something to occupy your spare time with this Summer? A big fan of Italian craftsmanship, and luxury brands?  Then look no further . . .

Unveiled at last Summers International Boat show in Cannes (yup, they do have more than just a film festival after-all!) the Aquariva by Gucci and Italian boat manufacturer Riva is made to order and my what an order it is too . . .

Speaking exclusively about the launch creative director of Gucci, Frida Giannini, said, “Over the decades the iconic Riva boat has become without doubt one of the most evocative images of Italian style, sophistication and elegance.It is a symbol of a glamorous lifestyle that sparks fond memories of La Dolce Vita – a golden age when both Gucci and Riva attracted an enthusiastic following among the international jet set.It is therefore especially meaningful in Gucci’s 90th anniversary year to be able to recognise and celebrate the great traditions and values of both Gucci and Riva through the Aquariva by Gucci.”

Though it isn’t just for the mega-rich.  Gucci has also released an accessories line available in retail outlets across the world – so we can all lay our aquariva towel on the beach, and pretend that yacht is the one we just jumped off . . .



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