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icon: Gloria Swanson

6 Jul

Over to NYC and our favourite hipster mag ‘Papermag‘ where our favourite writer (possibly of all time) shares with us an Icon from the golden age of Hollywood, and one who has possible never quite received the recognition she truly deserved.

A silent screen goddess and legendary style icon (are we alone in wishing that the screen sirens of today would be a little more, well, 1940’s in their style???), Gloria fell somewhat out of favour with the advent of the ‘talkies’ but rebounded to make a huge comeback in the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard. Queen Kelly which she introduces on the video above was, though a spectacular flop – to find out why, and to read more word of his gorgeous wisdom visit the wonderful Mr Mickey and click, juuuuuuust.  Here.



fashion: hotness! Jessica Alba for Italian Vogue

12 Apr

Speaking exclusively to Italian Vogue, for their latest issue.  Jessica Alba says that “Fashion represents one’s identity” and goes onto say that “After the pregnancy, I felt liberated. I learnt to accept my body and to give less importance to my appearance”.  Given that the fantastic-4 star is currently pregnant with her second child we can’t imagine where that liberation might take her from this raunchy shoot, but whatever the direction, it looks set to heat the mercury – that’s for sure!

images courtesy of Vogue Italia.


design: return to form. The rise of the arthouse movie poster.

3 Apr

Post-war 1950’s.  The world watched with awe as cars, household appliances and everyday packaging captured the buzz of the space-race and catapulted the word ‘design’ to the forefront of the worlds imagination.  Not since then has that word ‘design’ seemed so relevant to so many people, and whilst we may be overstating the impact here but brands like Ikea have helped to put the world of design on an accessible level for all to appreciate and enjoy.

We’re starting on this rather strenuous link, because again the world of design has gained a new follower, that of the humble movie poster.  Back in the golden age of Hollywood the movie poster was an artform, something that was high up there with modern adverts, and can even be sited amongst influences for countless artists, Warhol numbered among them.  This was all undone in the 1980’s with the rise and rise of the superstar, and megastar’s of the silver screen – illustrated movie posters didn’t appeal (or pander) to the giant egos of the time, well, with the downfall of this ‘star pulling power’ we have seen something of a re-emergence of this finely crafted artform recently and not just for pure arthouse outings, big budget releases like ‘the fighter’ and ‘black swan’ all got the fine art treatment . . .

Keep it coming we say, we’re loving your work!



movies: Sundance London 2012

15 Mar

Actor Robert Redford flew into town to announce the launch of Sundance London – the film festival will take in both the best of independent US cinema with live music acts.  The festival takes place ahead of next years Summer Olympics in April at the O2, Redfor hopes the festival will “bring a particular slice of American culture to life” Redford, who rose to fame in films including “The Sting” and “Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid,” founded the annual Sundance Film Festival in Utah to promote independent filmmaking.  We can only hope the London event is as successul as the US event . . . roll on Spring 2012!


video: Terry Richardson + GaGa = dream team

12 Mar

From the Supreme magazine shoot.

beauty: alex o’loughlin hots up hawaii five-0

2 Oct

See more beauty by clicking juuuuuust here.

The Jennifer Lopez ‘come-back’ (!!!) movie the back-up plan was saved from being voted as the worst movie ever by AP. only by the sheer volume of screen time given over to hot Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin, and whilst we never watch TV, now it seems as though we may have a reason to tune into the remake of television legend Hawaii Five-0.  O’loughlin stars as the lead Steve McGarrett in the show which has just aired in the US and enjoying a pretty good run so far and judging from the image below taken on set he hasn’t been slacking at the gym.  Say aloha!


life: on the set of on stranger tides

20 Sep

And whilst it’s been a busy fashion week here in London we had to make an extra special stop by the set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie which is also about to start filming in the city.  AP. got a very special sneak peak around the set in Greenwich and as you can see from the photos it’s a full scale production, Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz are set to arrive on set in  the new few days and film there for 3 weeks, before the set will be replaced by the up coming Sherlock Holmes 2, also due to begin filming shortly.

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Excited?  Yeah so are we . . .


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