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topshop: Nike re-opens underground sports store.

6 Jul

Shhh don’t tell anyone, but Nike has re-opened their underground sports store 1948 in Londons Shoreditch.  The store is in an area known for fashion hipsters and is around the corner from ultra trendy members club Shoreditch House, and rumoured new location of an East-London Prada store . . .

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Taking it’s architectural que from the railway arch it is situated in it balances clean lines with the occasional pop of linear LED lighting – feeling a little more like an Apple store than a true sportswear store we’re sure that this is going to be one of our favourite shopping destinations this Summer.


topshop: Puma AG takes on Paris. Totally wins.

17 Jun


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The redesign of a Parisian Puma store infuses a retail environment with sustainable and innovative design, including iPad walls, reconfigurable walls and illuminated shoe displays. Inspired by Puma’s four key philosophies – fairness, honesty, positivity and creativity – the shop’s décor engages customers through interactive experiences with high-tech gadgets.

iPads are scattered throughout the two-storey shop and are connected to the ‘Puma joy pad,’ a huge iPad wall framed by red transparent glass. Customers can interact with the wall using specially developed apps; in the future, this will be connected to other Puma stores via live streaming.

Inside the 200-sq-m shop, products are displayed as though ‘heroes.’ According to designers at Berlin-based Plajer & Franz Studio, this concept not only enhances the display of products, but intentionally creates a navigation system for shoppers.


topshop: Hermes Rive-Gauche

15 Jun



After one hundred and seventy years on the right bank, Hermès has decided to cross the Seine and embrace the future with a new store at 17 Rue de Sèvres in the ritzy Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris.  The new store has come to life in a building filled with rich history; a historical monument that was once home to the Lutetia swimming pool, a shining example of the Art Deco years.


In an almost serendipitous connection, Hermès as a brand identified with the restoration of a rich treasure; to bring in the new with maintaining respect and reverence to what has come before.  And so is the case with the luxury brand that has become eponymous with Parisian culture… Hermès is just as relevant today as it was in the heyday of the Lutetia.

In 2005 the pool was given landmark status and has since been considered a historical monument in Paris.  Given the importance of the building, Hermès had guidelines to adhere to in their renovation of the pool. The task at hand was given to Denis Montel and the RDAI agency, the architect firm that creates and designs all Hermès stores across the globe. “The idea was to develop a harmonious dialogue between the origins and the present. The aim was to restore a place that was naturally timeworn but also massively transformed in the mid- 1970s, to make it suitable for public use. We wanted to bring out the qualities of the existing architecture and recapture the spirit of the 1935 swimming pool, while offering a very modern expression of the Hermès spirit at this Left Bank location.”




topshop: Marc Jacobs brings a little something extra to Tokyo

10 Apr

Tokyo has long been known as a retailing haven, not least for the mega-cutting edge technology and high spec finish most retailers adhere to when opening there – the world (well, ok, perhaps just us) was agog at the new Herzog and De Meuron store for Prada, and it seems like they have a young upstart facing them across the street too . . .

Marc Jacobs has opened literally across the street in our image, above, you can see the Prada store on the left, and Marc Jacobs glowing on the right.

Designed by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects, does he have a store that embodies his love of everything Japanese aesthetics.   The 2,800-square-foot space, which sits on a side street in the ritzy but charming Tokyo neighborhood of Aoyama, is a retail spin on the Japanese obsession with packaging: Although the interior looks like some other Marc Jacobs spaces, with sleek fixtures displaying brocade skirts and bottles of Bang, outside it’s a visual feast. The building’s mix of the traditional and the unorthodox—including striated levels topped off with a ghost wall, known as a kosakubutsu in Japanese—is at home on a block that includes a giant Prada store and a gemlike Cartier shop (although neither can boast an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, which the Marc Jacobs store received this past summer).


topshop: a look over Nike store design.

5 Apr

Nike is a name we normally associate with being a global sportswear conglomerate, not one with great store design, well no more.

Nike’s new global store design concept. Developed initially in the USA this has now been rolled out globally with the UK leading the way with the largest programme of store openings in this guise. The aim is to reflect on Nike’s image as a world leader in sportswear as well as their sports heritage.

The sportswear giant ha made strenuous moves to remain current and ahead of the curve with cutting edge store design that not only keeps it in the game with other sports retailers, it proves Nike can cut it up there with the fashion big boys . . .


topshop: Mulberry’s universal destination!

1 Apr

To London then and the latest in destination store design.  Mulberry‘s latest flagship is a new beacon in forward thinking retailing, being both the new modern face of a traditional British brand – breaking away from the dark wood panelling and dull brass store interior, replaced with sustainable materials, and shiny gleaming 21st century gold . . .

Designed by Universal design studio.  The consultancy was appointed two years ago following a creative-led pitch and was briefed to help Mulberry ‘redefine what its stores should look like in the future’, says Universal Design Studio co-founder Jay Osgerby.  The store, which opened yesterday, is lined by a 40m-long dry stone wall, which improves energy conservation by helping the store retain heat in the winter and cooling it in the summer, proving that it has function as well as form.


topshop: Hostem London

28 Mar

The advent of shabby-chic has lead to the whole world seemingly looking to retro-victoriania as inspiration.  London more than anywhere else has taken this new design ideal to heart with everything from UK superbrand All Saints, through to mega-club Soho House building an international reputation on the back of it.  Nowhere in London does this live more than in Spitalfields the district at the heart of the City of London.  In this gentrified formerly run-down area of town is where we find the latest addition to our ‘topshop’ category.

Hostem the independent menswear store, envisioned by designer duo JamesPlum has transformed a dilapidated 3-storey townhouse into the City’s latest hot boutique using a mix of eclectic and discreet luxury.


topshop: Property Of . . . Amsterdam

27 Mar

Property of… is a collection of men’s bags & accessories that was launched in autumn 2006 by Singapore based cafe owners & design collaborators Peter Teo & Richard Chamberlain.

The store shown here in Amsterdam is the collectives first foray into the pure retail business and see their store as “the daily changing cast of characters, the activities, events and ‘ life ‘ that unfold within these urban oasis are a constant source of ideas and inspiration. from the outset the small collection has been presented alongside the company’s cafe, in part to attract a likeminded customer but also to create a fully integrated space which is both dynamic and vibrant…..”

We’re not sure that the customer base is just attracted by a daily dose of caffeine, after seeing the interior we disagree, and think they’ll be attracted by something else entirely!


topshop: Stella McCartney pop-up

26 Mar

Giles Miller Studio specialises in the creation of projects including the creation of furniture, interiors and material surface design.  Who else would British high fashion brand Stella McCartney pick then for it’s pop-up in the iconic Parisian department store, Galleries Lafayette.

Using recyclable materials the temporary space conjures up the best of the quirky spirit of the brand, and makes us here in the AP. office really want one of those freestanding letters.


topshop: monki3

25 Mar

Joel Degermark and Catharina Frankander for Monki: the Sea of Scallops! The first location designed by agency electricdreams, is Karl Johan 15 in Oslo, opened on May 21st 2010.

According to the team behind the store; Monki’s all-new interior concept, the illusory Sea of Scallops, is a dangerous, dark and gloomy world with tantalizing beauty. It rests underneath the Secrecy, a deep dark damp cave with hidden treasures,
dangerous currents, and deceptive breakers.

If only all concept stores look like this.


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