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architecture: how do you solve a problem like Mestia?

13 Apr

So.  You have a snow-laden town in Georgia, a country most famous for being a part of the former U.S.S.R, the trouble is they need tourists to bring in cash and to use the surplus natural resource they have – more than that the tourists they hope to attract have no way of getting to said snow-laden town.  So how do you solve a problem like the town of Mestia? Well in the same way as Bilbao which landmarked itself with a Guggenheim, and Dubai which has tried desperately to do the same with, erm, just about anything it builds . . .

The problem was solved with a remarkable architectural statement in the form of an airport.  The gorgeous structure designed by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects was completed in just 3 months which is remarkable by itself, combines the use of air traffic control tower and main airport terminal into one organic structure that flows seamlessly from mountain to building.

With the control tower seemingly leaning to one side as if bowing to fit in with its surrounding landscape this looks like one definitely to add to list of must-see’s in Georgia!


design: Barbecoa makes BBQ sexy, really!

8 Apr
Tom Dixon has had a hand in designing some of the most iconic furniture and lighting of the past decade – but its his interiors through company design research studio that really shine.
The latest of these for British chef Jamie Oliver‘s latest venture Barbecoa in the City of London are truly spectacular, and more importantly than that for a restaurant overlooking St Pauls cathedral, the space entertains whilst providing a beautiful foreground for Christopher Wren’s magnificent background.


topshop: Mulberry’s universal destination!

1 Apr

To London then and the latest in destination store design.  Mulberry‘s latest flagship is a new beacon in forward thinking retailing, being both the new modern face of a traditional British brand – breaking away from the dark wood panelling and dull brass store interior, replaced with sustainable materials, and shiny gleaming 21st century gold . . .

Designed by Universal design studio.  The consultancy was appointed two years ago following a creative-led pitch and was briefed to help Mulberry ‘redefine what its stores should look like in the future’, says Universal Design Studio co-founder Jay Osgerby.  The store, which opened yesterday, is lined by a 40m-long dry stone wall, which improves energy conservation by helping the store retain heat in the winter and cooling it in the summer, proving that it has function as well as form.


architecture: new Koyoto townhouse.

27 Mar

By Alphaville, the Japanese design agency based in Koyoto this smart townhouse in the same town uses what the designers call “polyhedral partition walls’ to “create a play on natural light.

They softly reflect the natural light coming from both the north and south sides and bring it to the otherwise dark interior of the building.

Finally, the partition walls blur the boundary between architecture and furniture, thus stimulating perception and behaviour.


design: varini does amazing things before your very eyes!

26 Mar

OK, well don’t believe us?  Look at the image above, looks like an image of a staircase, with a transparency over it right?  Well Varini does amazing things – didn’t we tell you.  Look below at the same staircase from different angles, and you’ll see that this image is actually painted on the surfaces to give a visual trick with perfect perspective.

and these images here show more amazing tricks of the eye.


Amazing, right?

Yeah, we couldn’t believe our eyes either!



topshop: monki3

25 Mar

Joel Degermark and Catharina Frankander for Monki: the Sea of Scallops! The first location designed by agency electricdreams, is Karl Johan 15 in Oslo, opened on May 21st 2010.

According to the team behind the store; Monki’s all-new interior concept, the illusory Sea of Scallops, is a dangerous, dark and gloomy world with tantalizing beauty. It rests underneath the Secrecy, a deep dark damp cave with hidden treasures,
dangerous currents, and deceptive breakers.

If only all concept stores look like this.


architecture: what does $32million buy you these days?

22 Mar

Well this actually.  The £32,000,000 house in California’s La Jolla district is nothing short of spectacular, though of course anyone spending that sort of money wants to be impressed.  The agents marketing the property bill this as ‘a residence of art’ and it’s easy to see why.

Boasting over 11,000-square-foot of living space with 4 bedrooms and 6 baths, and for when the in-laws come to stay a fabulous two level guest house.  As if that all wasn’t enough aside from the incredible views ‘the Razor’ house features private access to Black’s Beach.  Well what more could your average millionaire ask for?


design: Olympic fever builds across London.

5 Mar

It seemed such a long time ago that London was crowned the XXX Olympiad city, but now we can say that the Olympic games will take place next year they don’t seem so far away, with the start of several large scale installations across the city, the 5 interlocked rings of the Olympic movement took pride of place at St Pancras international station, the arrival gate for many competitors taking high-speed services from Mainland Europe to London for the games, and also the departure point for many thousands of spectators as the high-speed ‘javelin‘ service will depart from here too . . .

With the large scale rings to be hoisted into place on the London Eye, and Tower Bridge in comings months, followed by the rings projected onto other notable buildings including the Houses of Parliament and the National Gallery the Olympic countdown has most definitely got off the starter blocks . . .

just for fun: Shanghai Disney takes over the Bund

4 Mar

As London sees the installation of giant rings across the city ahead of the Olympic games being help there next year, could this mock up image be a way to build excitement about the new Disney park in Shanghai due to open in 2014?

7 days 1 week: desolation and a freedom tower in new york

13 Dec

Our final day in seaport, New York City.



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