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design: book cell by matejkren

24 Jun

The Book Cell Project, which will be installed in the CAMJAP’s Hall and remain there during six months, repeats the recurring procedure, in the work of this artist, of piling up thousands of books, creating an architectonic structure where we are invited to step inside.  We’d sure like to spend some time locked away in there . . .




art: the Clayton brothers, for something truly unique.

18 Jun

Their CV states that the brothers draw inspiration from their immediate environment, incorporating local businesses, neighborhood regulars, and snippets of overheard conversations as subjects for their paintings. We’re not sure what sort of conversations happen in California but we sure wish we were party to them, cos that must be one hell of a conversation . . .



art: nobody needs art. nova.

16 Jun


art/design: Si Scott studio simply sizzles!

13 Apr

You’ll have seen his work, trust us about that.  Having produced art for the likes of Nike, and Coca-Cola, the British based Si Scott made an obvious choice for today’s word on art, but is it art or is it design?  Well we here at AP. like to think it’s a little of both, and happily Si Scott himself agrees describing himself as an artist/designer.

Listed on his website as “priding himself on an almost obsessive attention to detail” and going on to say ‘creating the highest calibre of work possible for the studio’s clients, exhibitions and projects”. Looking at some of those examples of work we’d have to say that we agree, and luckily for us that magnificent work isn’t limited to corporate commisissions.


His website says that “Si regularly exhibits and lectures around the world, places such as Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, Norway and New York amongst others”, so keep your eyes peeled, Si Scott could be coming to a studio near you . . .




design: iconic; graphic design.

10 Apr

A look at some of our favourite iconic, and not so iconic but equally as beautiful examples of graphic design . . .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


design: return to form. The return of the classic movie poster.

7 Apr

In our earlier post we returned to the art-form of the art-house movie poster and here we look at this subject a little further with a review of some of the most archetypal classic movie posters of all time with a rather special view of a German poster for Robocop, and a look at how todays studios like Disney’s Pixar are reworking this art for todays audiences . . .

And a look at how Disney’s Pixar studios have interpreted this with posters for the animated feature Wall-E, and the little mermaid shown below.


art: confetti death by Typoe

7 Apr

When you’re not feeling your best, there is always someone to make you feel worse by stating the obvious with a remark like ” I hope you don’t feel as bad as you look”

Well, after seeing this work by the street artist Typoe recently we couldn’t help but be reminded of that statement.  This work of art looks exactly like WE feel after space mountain at Disney World.  The nervous explosion that is ‘confetti death:’ for us here at AP. conjures up both the incredible feeling and rush we associate with adrenaline from something good, with the obvious downside, that niggling fear of something bad happening at the same time . . .

But hey – you judge for yourself.

“Confetti Death” by TYPOE, which was on display at Spinello Gallery in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach.


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