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art: Jason Hackenwerth does amazing things with balloons!

14 Mar

After seeing the incredible window schemes at Bergdorf Goodman we had to look up Jason Hackenwerth, and boy are we pleased we did.  This is pure art, and by using balloons as a medium, art in it’s most creative form.  Forget Hurst with a pickled shark (too gruesome), and Emin with her unmade bed (too obvious) this is not only expressive, it’s also fun.  Something we at AP. think most artists have forgotten – in todays world to get noticed the urge is to shock, and Jason displays wonderfully the whimsy of art . . .

Jason not only creates freestanding sculpture in this form (as seen above), he also creates out of this world portraits (as shown below).  Looking like a still from a sci-fi movie this prints are something that will be sure to create a talking point at many dinner parties in the future.  You can buy limited edition prints directly from his website by clicking here.


topshop: Bergdorf Goodman Spring window review.

14 Mar

Now we love a department store as much as the next person as a kind of retail cathedral, some of course stand head and shoulders over others.  Macy’s in New York for pure scale.  Harrods in London as a testament to retailing genius.  Printemps in Paris as homage to beauty.

There is one though who shines even amongst this illustrious company.  That department store is Bergdorf Goodman, the store founded in 1899 always strives to have the best windows in the whole of New York and the latest window scheme using just balloons for Spring in association with the incredible artist jason hackenwerth is no exception and we think the results speak for themselves . . .

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just for fun: up, up and . . . is that a flying house?

11 Mar

For their series “how hard can it be” the national geographic channel decided to take it’s inspiration from a little outside the box.  They looked to the house of mouse and to their animated tale, UP.   Now we admit it, we got all misty eyed during the opening segment of this lavish movie, though we never thought we would see a real life house high in the sky, tethered to helium filled balloons!

The specially constructed house, weighed more than 2000pounds, and it took more than 300 helium filled weather balloons to lift it off the ground.  The flight lasted around an hour and reached an altitude of 3000ft.  Now thats magic!


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