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video: return of the event video? $1m buys you that much surely?

16 Jun

In the epic $1m video for Run the World (Girls), Beyoncé and her female army bludgeon a squadron of grim-faced riot police into submission with nothing more than the power of their glamour and some highly choreographed dance routines. An apocalyptic landscape is the backdrop for this act of insurrection, although luckily there is no shortage of designer outfits in the post-nuclear world.

The video, featuring 242 dancers, one horse, one lion, two oversized hyenas on chains and myriad costume changes, was shot over three days in the California desert and confirms Beyoncé’s position as the blowdried warrior queen of pop.

It also marks the return of something not seen since Michael Jackson led an army of the undead in Thriller and Simon Le Bon swanned about on a yacht in Rio: the mega-budget pop video.


music: Beyoncé exclusive! new album release and hot new look!

4 Apr

It’s not often that we hang out at a run down motel in New Jersey dressed like a 70’s gangster’s moll – and much less that we do it and still look fab-u-lous, but then we’re not Miss Beyoncé Knowles.

Thats where we found her this weekend hanging out at a faded freeway stop off posing for a new photo shoot in the New York ‘burbs.

She looks radiant off the back of press regarding her next album, let slip that it is due to drop in June this year by Sony Music Australia executive Denis Handlin after he was heard enthusing: “It was just amazing. She came in and played us six tracks from the album’ Going on to say, ‘These songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking; she’s gone to another level.’

With a new album, expected tour later this year, headlining the iconic Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, and new film role as Esther Hoffman in a remake of A Star Is Born, with Clint Eastwood directing.  It looks like this could be a massive year for Sasha Fierce!


music: the shots Alicia Keys and Beyoncé don’t want you to see . . .

11 Mar

Whilst Alicia Keys straddled the globe with her last release ‘the element of freedom’ the world waited with baited breath for the release of the Beyoncé duet ‘put it in a love song’.  Both girls jetted out to Rio last year to film the carnival themed music video for the uptempo dance number, and we waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally Alicia Keys released a clip of the video online, stating that there were no plans to release the song as a standalone single.

So imagine our shock when the clip from the video was pulled from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Ms Beyoncé Knowles”, Keys publicist later added to Entertainment Weekly that you won’t be seeing the full clip anytime soon stating that “Presently, there are no plans to release the video

You’ll just have to make do with these still’s instead . . .


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