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art: the Clayton brothers, for something truly unique.

18 Jun

Their CV states that the brothers draw inspiration from their immediate environment, incorporating local businesses, neighborhood regulars, and snippets of overheard conversations as subjects for their paintings. We’re not sure what sort of conversations happen in California but we sure wish we were party to them, cos that must be one hell of a conversation . . .




architecture: what does $32million buy you these days?

22 Mar

Well this actually.  The £32,000,000 house in California’s La Jolla district is nothing short of spectacular, though of course anyone spending that sort of money wants to be impressed.  The agents marketing the property bill this as ‘a residence of art’ and it’s easy to see why.

Boasting over 11,000-square-foot of living space with 4 bedrooms and 6 baths, and for when the in-laws come to stay a fabulous two level guest house.  As if that all wasn’t enough aside from the incredible views ‘the Razor’ house features private access to Black’s Beach.  Well what more could your average millionaire ask for?


fashion: Replay catches perfectly the playful California Summer we all dream of.

21 Mar

As we start to see blossom appear on the tree’s and wild spring bloom in the city parks, and wild forests around us, we are reminded that, as skilfully as mother nature does, the dead of Winter has gone and the rite of Spring is in a state of emergence.

One of our favourite things about this time of year is how the major brands weave the beauty of Spring and heat of Summer into their advertisements, and none have done so as effectively as Replay have with their latest campaign.  The spirit of a youthful and playful California Summer strikes the viewer in every image, making us all want to be a part of their gang.

California dreamin . . .


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