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art/design: Si Scott studio simply sizzles!

13 Apr

You’ll have seen his work, trust us about that.  Having produced art for the likes of Nike, and Coca-Cola, the British based Si Scott made an obvious choice for today’s word on art, but is it art or is it design?  Well we here at AP. like to think it’s a little of both, and happily Si Scott himself agrees describing himself as an artist/designer.

Listed on his website as “priding himself on an almost obsessive attention to detail” and going on to say ‘creating the highest calibre of work possible for the studio’s clients, exhibitions and projects”. Looking at some of those examples of work we’d have to say that we agree, and luckily for us that magnificent work isn’t limited to corporate commisissions.


His website says that “Si regularly exhibits and lectures around the world, places such as Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, Norway and New York amongst others”, so keep your eyes peeled, Si Scott could be coming to a studio near you . . .




design: Karl does Coca-Cola light.

9 Apr

Now we love Karl.  Seriously.  Love.  The chinese takeaway bag for Chanel,  the irony shown with the Karl who shopper, and of course who could forget the Shanghai fashion show,  but we never expected this . . .

Of course Karl himself is no stranger to dieting, he who used to be quite literally the biggest man in fashion has slimmed down drastically in recent years – and now we see him designing his own range of bottles for Coke light, and accompanying ad campaign.

Bravo Coke – now.  Who’s next?



design: coca cola continues to outpace pepsi co with evolving graphic identity

25 Aug

Coca-cola continues to outshine Pepsi Co in North America in not only sales but also graphic identity, and the images shown here from Gallery magazine show exactly why.  These 5 limited edition summer cans show just how much Coca-Cola is a part of the American psyche and vice-versa.  Its a shame Pepsi relaunched with such a dull new graphic logo (see it here).  Perhaps the creative team there are lacking their rivals fizz?

Though AP. came across this image (below) of a new concept can for the soft drinks giant over on super cool website the donut project, if only someone would commision this hot young designer to actually design a can.  They’d think it was all over at Pepsi Co.   It is now . . .


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