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topshop: Nike re-opens underground sports store.

6 Jul

Shhh don’t tell anyone, but Nike has re-opened their underground sports store 1948 in Londons Shoreditch.  The store is in an area known for fashion hipsters and is around the corner from ultra trendy members club Shoreditch House, and rumoured new location of an East-London Prada store . . .

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Taking it’s architectural que from the railway arch it is situated in it balances clean lines with the occasional pop of linear LED lighting – feeling a little more like an Apple store than a true sportswear store we’re sure that this is going to be one of our favourite shopping destinations this Summer.


design: book cell by matejkren

24 Jun

The Book Cell Project, which will be installed in the CAMJAP’s Hall and remain there during six months, repeats the recurring procedure, in the work of this artist, of piling up thousands of books, creating an architectonic structure where we are invited to step inside.  We’d sure like to spend some time locked away in there . . .




art: the Clayton brothers, for something truly unique.

18 Jun

Their CV states that the brothers draw inspiration from their immediate environment, incorporating local businesses, neighborhood regulars, and snippets of overheard conversations as subjects for their paintings. We’re not sure what sort of conversations happen in California but we sure wish we were party to them, cos that must be one hell of a conversation . . .



design: APAP Open School / LOT-EK

16 Jun

Infamously known for their work with shipping containers (be sure to check out their Puma City check it here), American-firm LOT -EK has nearly completed the , in .  The containers are perched atop each other creating spaces beneath them for a public amphitheater, within them for educational functions and even on top of them for a long decked roof offering great views.

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Looks like we’ll be enrolling for summer school real soon . . .


Design: what’s in a tap? Ask Zaha Hadid!

16 Jun

Call it a tap, faucet, spigot. One thing you’ll certainly NEVER call it is a work of art. Well Zaha Hadid is about to change all that. Working with Triflow for a new range of taps that retail at £5200 upwards these aren’t for everybody, but boy – it’d sure make washing up far more interesting!


art: nobody needs art. nova.

16 Jun


architecture: how do you solve a problem like Mestia?

13 Apr

So.  You have a snow-laden town in Georgia, a country most famous for being a part of the former U.S.S.R, the trouble is they need tourists to bring in cash and to use the surplus natural resource they have – more than that the tourists they hope to attract have no way of getting to said snow-laden town.  So how do you solve a problem like the town of Mestia? Well in the same way as Bilbao which landmarked itself with a Guggenheim, and Dubai which has tried desperately to do the same with, erm, just about anything it builds . . .

The problem was solved with a remarkable architectural statement in the form of an airport.  The gorgeous structure designed by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects was completed in just 3 months which is remarkable by itself, combines the use of air traffic control tower and main airport terminal into one organic structure that flows seamlessly from mountain to building.

With the control tower seemingly leaning to one side as if bowing to fit in with its surrounding landscape this looks like one definitely to add to list of must-see’s in Georgia!


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