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just for fun: up, up and . . . is that a flying house?

11 Mar

For their series “how hard can it be” the national geographic channel decided to take it’s inspiration from a little outside the box.  They looked to the house of mouse and to their animated tale, UP.   Now we admit it, we got all misty eyed during the opening segment of this lavish movie, though we never thought we would see a real life house high in the sky, tethered to helium filled balloons!

The specially constructed house, weighed more than 2000pounds, and it took more than 300 helium filled weather balloons to lift it off the ground.  The flight lasted around an hour and reached an altitude of 3000ft.  Now thats magic!


life: today; the numbers.

4 Sep

Today AP. will mostly be;

– Drinking cocktails.  well after the gym at least, gotta get them guns pumpin first!

– listening to nelly furtado’s spanish album ‘mi plan‘ on heavy rotation

– shopping.  waitrose and khiels are the 2 destination stores of choice for the day ahead.

– catching up on ugly betty, why is it that we love this show, yet never get to watch it?

– eating the best breakfast ever.  blueberries, blackberries, strawberries with honey and cream.  Yup – heart disease is just a few steps away . . .

– off into town for drinks and dinner with our friends.  fun, fun , fun ahead.  Hangover slightly further ahead . . .


AP. on the front of fifth avenue magazine? first look here

30 Aug

Taking over the world?  you read it here first!


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