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art/design: Si Scott studio simply sizzles!

13 Apr

You’ll have seen his work, trust us about that.  Having produced art for the likes of Nike, and Coca-Cola, the British based Si Scott made an obvious choice for today’s word on art, but is it art or is it design?  Well we here at AP. like to think it’s a little of both, and happily Si Scott himself agrees describing himself as an artist/designer.

Listed on his website as “priding himself on an almost obsessive attention to detail” and going on to say ‘creating the highest calibre of work possible for the studio’s clients, exhibitions and projects”. Looking at some of those examples of work we’d have to say that we agree, and luckily for us that magnificent work isn’t limited to corporate commisissions.


His website says that “Si regularly exhibits and lectures around the world, places such as Tokyo, Sydney, Toronto, Norway and New York amongst others”, so keep your eyes peeled, Si Scott could be coming to a studio near you . . .




design: iconic; graphic design.

10 Apr

A look at some of our favourite iconic, and not so iconic but equally as beautiful examples of graphic design . . .

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design: we are start goes back to the 80’s

6 Apr

We are start, a design collective hailing from Australia have wowed us here at AP. ever since we fell in love with their work in Territory magazine, though nothing could prepare us for how much we would love the totally graphic 80’s approach they took with Puntino Italian Bar & Restaurant, in Darlinghurst.

Describing the work on their website as ” A mix of paint/ wallpaper/ stencils/ lasers/ acrylic/ blood/ sweat & no beers…   The team go on to say they’re ‘Really happy with the finish we achieved and the fact it’s our first interior piece – watch this space as more on the way.”  We’d say the team sound more than modest in their highly innovate approach, and the exciting results.
We here in the office at AP. HQ only wish they’d pick up a project in Europe.


design: packaging; it’s what’s outside that counts

29 Mar

Some great examples of design packaging.  Shown below are (from top) Acne, Harriman Steel, Kenzo, Paul Smith and Viktor & Rolf.


Shown above Paolo Bazzani’s work for Kenzo fashion shows also reveals how an invitation can become a work of art in itself. For the Spring/Summer 09 event, Bazzani used children’s pop-up books as inspiration, to create a whimsical 3D collage of paper butterflies, which of course also doubled up as an invite.



design: spatial typography

17 Mar


design: clever typography

17 Mar


design: modern typography

17 Mar


design: a graphic identity.

22 Oct


life: grace jones at the speed of light?

3 Sep

Never one to miss an invite – AP. was off to the vinyl factory in London’s Soho today to have a private viewing of the Chris Levine exhibition, ‘Grace Jones, stillness at the speed of light’

Chris, who’s most famous work is the Holographic 3D image of HM the Queen, has made some brilliant work with Grace, whilst you have to see it in person to appreciate the lighting and technology used within each image, I just thought I’d share some of them with you . . .

and whilst we were there we couldn’t resist snapping this original artwork for the Pet Shop Boys too.  What a day!


design: iconic. whats in a type anyway?

31 Aug

Following on from the AP. post on our love for helvetica which you can read here, we wanted to take the time to share some of our favourite images of typography . . . iconic wouldn’t you agree?


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