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video: hard rock cafe: the rockwall.

17 Jun

For a totally immersive experience giving you access to the entire back catalogue of Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia – a totally interactive multi-user experience that offers iPad like user interface.  Yup, we’re not entirely sure what that means either, but hey . . . we want a go . . .

design: marc jacobs and v magazine, an app to die for.

14 Sep

Yup, it is officially an app to die for.  V magazine’s fall “New York” issue comes with its very own iPad application sponsored in large part by Marc Jacobs.  Created by tech development company Other Edition, the single-issue application showcases the contents of the entire magazine, including the cheeky cover shot of Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs, photographed by Mario Testino.

But the app additionally features behind-the-scenes video footage of Testino’s work, a slew of advertisements and brand imagery for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs photographed by Juergen Teller, an interactive fashion quiz feature (scores are ranked in real time) and a program that lets you customize your own V magazine cover.

Through the Marc Jacobs ad pages, users can also browse and shop through Marc Jacobs’s e-commerce store. The application is available to download for $1 at www.otheredition.com.

Yup, we’re logging onto our iTunes account right now too . . .


design: love magazine on you ipad – you better believe it.

24 Aug

Now there are some (and by some I’m counting everyone here at AP. towers) that love, love, love, print.  Simply cannot get enough of it – the feel of a magazine or broadsheet newpaper simply cannot be beaten.  But with the entire world it seems moving over to app’s, Love magazine’s recent announcement that it too is gearing up it’s own version of the magazine for the iPad seems to us like one almighty nail in the printers coffin!  hmmm isn’t it time AP. got an app!

So yes even we will agree there are times when print simply  isn’t practical.  Trying to read the Sunday Times on a train, or the latest Dazed and Confused during a summer rainstorm perhaps, so to help us with those pesky ‘train storms’ Love magazine, edited by the gorgeous Katie Grand and her team have come up with another winner.  Love magazine for the iPad.  Reading something we love, called love, on something we love – now thats a combination that we love!


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