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fashion: did anyone order a Chanel takeaway?

1 Apr

The latest in whimsy from the mind of Karl and the creative guru’s at Chanel, and yes.  We need one!


just for fun: Walt Disney World stats.

15 Mar

OK, so it’s not just all fashion and design here at AP.

As a great artist Walt Disney shaped many aspects of the entertainment industry, revolutionising the world we see today, his touch is felt in our everyday – through TV, Movies, and even through the most up to date media, the internet, computer games.  Perhaps the most prolific way is in every theme park in the world.  Before Disney there were amusement parks, often seedy places not suitable for a family day out.  After Disney they became theme parks, a place of family entertainment and a place of true escapism.

Don’t believe us that Disney is truly all conquering when it comes to the world of entertainment, just look through the stats above – they make for impressive reading don’t they . . .



photography: Annie Leibovitz & stars do disney!

6 Mar

For the latest in the Annie Leibovitz commissioned series for Disney stars such as Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, and Jeff bridges star in recreations of some of Disneys most famous animated tales . . .

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