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design: Karl does Coca-Cola light.

9 Apr

Now we love Karl.  Seriously.  Love.  The chinese takeaway bag for Chanel,  the irony shown with the Karl who shopper, and of course who could forget the Shanghai fashion show,  but we never expected this . . .

Of course Karl himself is no stranger to dieting, he who used to be quite literally the biggest man in fashion has slimmed down drastically in recent years – and now we see him designing his own range of bottles for Coke light, and accompanying ad campaign.

Bravo Coke – now.  Who’s next?



fashion: did anyone order a Chanel takeaway?

1 Apr

The latest in whimsy from the mind of Karl and the creative guru’s at Chanel, and yes.  We need one!


just for fun: Chanel impresario makes ice cream cool(er!)

24 Mar

As if ice cream wasn’t cool enough, fashions leading king of cool Karl Lagerfeld has just directed the latest advertising campaign for Magnum – a leading European brand of ice cream lollies about to make it’s debut in the US later this year.

The campaign starring former O.C actress Rachel Bilson and Chanel favourite Baptiste Giabiconi in no less than 3 short films, debuts in the US in time for the Magnum launch there in April, and promises hot enough to melt ice cream.


beauty: Keira Knightley for Vogue Italia.

23 Mar

Keira Knightly is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women on the planet, don’t believe us?  Well go ask Karl Lagerfeld who persoanlly ensured that she remains one of the premier faces of the House of Chanel.  Keira’s latest advert for Chanel has just premiered and is drawing gasps for how beautiful not only the advert itself is, but for how beautiful she looks too.  We premiered news of the shoot exclusively here last September and now the whole world gets to see what we were buzzing about.

Speaking exclusively to Vogue Italia she says of working with Karl, “I like working with him, he knows how to make me feel at ease, I’m not one of those people who benefits from conflict. If I’m tense I cannot give a good performance”.  We couldn’t agree more!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia.


fashion: Karl who?

17 Mar

Even the godfather of all fashionista’s Karl Lagerfeld does irony . . .



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