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video: Sam Taylor Wood and LV.

16 Mar

Beautiful . . .


fashion: Jacobs finds his fetish in bags at Vuitton

10 Mar

Which fashion great can still pull Kate, Naomi, Stella and Amber to the catwalk, well, who besides Gianni Versace?  Well step up  Marc Jacobs, who ended the Fall season with a triumphant show in Paris for Louis Vuitton, and after a week of ups and downs for it’s parent company LVMH (UP with the purchase of Bulgari, and DOWN with the sacking of star designer Galliano at Dior) this was certainly one of the high notes . . .

The show – which featured star turns from Amber Valletta, Stella Tennant, and no less than 2 of the most super of all Super’s (Naomi and Kate – who are both so super, they no longer even have surnames!) – was heavily focused on bags.  Much like the Burberry show in London, which was 90% coats and accessories, its clear where the great fashion houses are making their money.  Accessories, accessories, and erm, yup.  Accessories!  So big up the bags ladies – Vuitton says thats all you want anyway!


topshop: a maison like no other. Vuitton London.

19 Oct

We’ve featured it before, but hey – when a store looks THIS good, how could you not . . . 

It is after all a cracking good window display (sorry!)


fashion: topshop: la maison de la louis vuitton a londres.

9 Sep

Ok, at the risk of feeling a little like yesterdays news, the latest topshop post (see the others here) is about the worlds largest Louis Vuitton store right here in our very own city.

I was reminded whilst sitting here writing in my very smart new monogram agenda (I honestly have no idea how I survived without it – don’t worry, you can shop it here!) and remembered that I haven’t shared this store with you.  For anyone that hasn’t checked it out yet you should, it blows every other luxury store out of the water for sheer fun, scale  and size, Chip and I spend many an afternoon there kicking off our shoes to slip on the soft calves leather loafers, aaaaaah!  Anyway.  Here’s a few of my favourite spaces from inside the store, check out the temporary ‘exhibition’ styled by Katie Grand, we are loving the bags on head moment . . .


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