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life: wound magazine has panache

4 Oct

We’ve always been a fan of anything that encapsulates our loves of art, design, fashion et all – and the latest issue of wound magazine seems to have taken our causes straight to the heart . . .

Well.  It pays to think big!


life: crystal; learning to love herself

10 Sep

Crystal Renn’s lavish curves and intense Cherokee stare have appeared in Dolce & Gabbana campaigns and on the Chanel runway. A size 14, she is the first plus-size model to achieve such success, and, partly thanks to her,Marc Jacobs has recently announced the launch of a plus-size range. ‘Pant size does not equal beauty,’Crystal explains in her soft Mississippi drawl, dressed in leggings and a voluminous black shirt that, when she leans forward, exposes more than a hint of breast; glossy, raven curls spilling about her face. ‘Beauty exists on its own.’ Looking at these photos, we couldn’t agree more.


fashion: high style? it can only be vogue Italia!

6 Sep

Now the world may be transfixed by Anna Wintour and the money of Vogue US, but we here at AP. know that the true innovation lies over in Europe at either Vogue Paris, or Vogue Italia, and the latest issue of Italia does nothing to disappoint.

Tim Walker does high style, and as these pictures here show, the results can be explosive!!!


fashion: v-magazine new york issue

2 Sep

Lady gaga as the icon of freedom?  It can only be V magazine’s New York issue.

V editor Stephen Gan of the pic, snapped by photographer Mario Testino: “Just as the Statue of Liberty was France’s gift to America, Gaga is, to us, New York’s greatest gift to pop culture and fashion…she has become a bonafide genius and we can safely declare her our muse.”

That’s some big talking, but for a girl who has quite safely assumed the mantle of the worlds greatest pop star in less than 3 years we’re sure that those words are entirely justified.


beauty: jesus luz – so this must be what keeps madonna up all night?

28 Aug

The latest issue of Interview magazine has a feature on the latest ‘Mr Madonna’ and boy oh boy can we really start to see what the material girl see’s in him!  Read the interview and see just a little more of Jesus here.  And yes, we agree – we can’t imagine why she get’s out of bed either . . .


fashion: madonna fronts D&G aw2010/11 campaign

28 Aug

Madonna continues to grace the pages of many of the world’s glossy magazines having swapped Versace for, Louis Vuitton, and LV for D&G.   The new ad campaign again see’s madonna back in familiar territory with the sexy black and white Italian imagery – though this time around it’s less Italian housewife, and more sexy donna!  See for yourself – what do you think?


life: lady gaga mania shows no signs of slowing down!

27 Aug

Around the world no pop-star has captured the imagination quite so fast or quite so deeply as Lady GaGa.  She has reached a level of meteoric pop super-stardom not seen since the Spice Girls and is so super talented she is making Britney Spears look like a second rate side show act, she has (without even trying) finished off Christina Aguilera’s attempt at a chart comeback and has created as many iconic images as Madonna in just 2 years.

Yet as the mad as monsterball tour roll’s on it seems that it’s ringmaster has showed no signs of slowing down – or indeed of letting her love for high fashion play second fiddle – as demonstrated by yet another 2 magazine covers.  This time for Vanity Fair (above) and British high style mag i-D (below).

This Lady is one that shows no signs of slowing down, or tiring her evolutionary image.  Of course when the results look this good – who would want her to.

Queen of twitter indeed, and long may she reign!


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