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topshop: Marc Jacobs brings a little something extra to Tokyo

10 Apr

Tokyo has long been known as a retailing haven, not least for the mega-cutting edge technology and high spec finish most retailers adhere to when opening there – the world (well, ok, perhaps just us) was agog at the new Herzog and De Meuron store for Prada, and it seems like they have a young upstart facing them across the street too . . .

Marc Jacobs has opened literally across the street in our image, above, you can see the Prada store on the left, and Marc Jacobs glowing on the right.

Designed by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects, does he have a store that embodies his love of everything Japanese aesthetics.   The 2,800-square-foot space, which sits on a side street in the ritzy but charming Tokyo neighborhood of Aoyama, is a retail spin on the Japanese obsession with packaging: Although the interior looks like some other Marc Jacobs spaces, with sleek fixtures displaying brocade skirts and bottles of Bang, outside it’s a visual feast. The building’s mix of the traditional and the unorthodox—including striated levels topped off with a ghost wall, known as a kosakubutsu in Japanese—is at home on a block that includes a giant Prada store and a gemlike Cartier shop (although neither can boast an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, which the Marc Jacobs store received this past summer).


fashion: Just in! Marc Jacobs Spring Summer video.

28 Mar

Marc Jacobs presents his spring summer 2011 collection, in a film shot in New York’s Hotel James. We love the commercial look of the video, and the fun, direct way he reminds us of the name of each garment.

The video itself is nothing special, with a mediocre storyline and acting. But the naive look and the way they introduce the products give it a very personal touch.


fashion: Jacobs finds his fetish in bags at Vuitton

10 Mar

Which fashion great can still pull Kate, Naomi, Stella and Amber to the catwalk, well, who besides Gianni Versace?  Well step up  Marc Jacobs, who ended the Fall season with a triumphant show in Paris for Louis Vuitton, and after a week of ups and downs for it’s parent company LVMH (UP with the purchase of Bulgari, and DOWN with the sacking of star designer Galliano at Dior) this was certainly one of the high notes . . .

The show – which featured star turns from Amber Valletta, Stella Tennant, and no less than 2 of the most super of all Super’s (Naomi and Kate – who are both so super, they no longer even have surnames!) – was heavily focused on bags.  Much like the Burberry show in London, which was 90% coats and accessories, its clear where the great fashion houses are making their money.  Accessories, accessories, and erm, yup.  Accessories!  So big up the bags ladies – Vuitton says thats all you want anyway!


design: marc jacobs and v magazine, an app to die for.

14 Sep

Yup, it is officially an app to die for.  V magazine’s fall “New York” issue comes with its very own iPad application sponsored in large part by Marc Jacobs.  Created by tech development company Other Edition, the single-issue application showcases the contents of the entire magazine, including the cheeky cover shot of Lady Gaga and Marc Jacobs, photographed by Mario Testino.

But the app additionally features behind-the-scenes video footage of Testino’s work, a slew of advertisements and brand imagery for Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs photographed by Juergen Teller, an interactive fashion quiz feature (scores are ranked in real time) and a program that lets you customize your own V magazine cover.

Through the Marc Jacobs ad pages, users can also browse and shop through Marc Jacobs’s e-commerce store. The application is available to download for $1 at www.otheredition.com.

Yup, we’re logging onto our iTunes account right now too . . .


fashion: bibliothèque marc jacobs.

9 Sep

Marc Jacobs is, it would seem a secret bibliophile.

Marc has opened a new store on Manhattan’s Bleecker Street named Bookmarc, which will be home to a careful selection of book titles and Marc Jacobs stationery products.

Looks like we’ll all be closing our iPads and writing letters again after all . . .


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