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fashion: Christophe Decarnin’s departure from Balmain.

8 Apr

His designs have single handedly made the 80’s cool again.  His influence SO great that his was the show not only the high street but also his peers looked to as a thumb in the air for the season ahead, but alas no more Christophe at Balmain.

Cathy Horyn writing in the New York Times has hinted that Christophe Decarnin’s departure from the fashion house he made into such a success may be because of, rather than despite, the glory years of Balmania, and the consequent pressure to come up with a new, equally profitable formula.

Ms Horyn, who knows M. Decarnin personally, also points to the fact that he is a ‘shy and introverted,’ individual, who ‘may have been more vulnerable than others to that pressure.’ We will watch and wait and see whether Decarnin will chose to re-enter the fashion fray, or if he’ll go the way of Helmut Lang (who is now an artist), or Hedi Slimane (photographer).

One more thing – the successor to Decarnin is thought to be someone already working at Balmain, a former member of his team. Horyn wonders if this will turn out to be British stylist, Melanie Ward. She is an extremely interesting character, who made her name styling Kate Moss, and working with the photographer Corine Day, as part of a sort of dynamic trio. WATCH THIS SPACE, readers!




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