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photography: Coitus magazine

18 Mar

Mert and Marcus are know for the, well exaggerated homoerotic nature of their photography (hell they even made Victoria Beckham look a little masculine in their famous Armani ad’s featuring the former Spice Girl) but these shots for the latest issue of ‘Coitus‘ featuring Brazilian model Arthur Sales magazine accentuate that to the MAX.


Hot summer indeed!



photography: Megan & Rafael in just their Armani’s . . .

12 Mar

When one just wasn’t enough . . .


photography: homoerotic? It must be mert and marcus for Dsquared2

11 Mar

Mert and marcus launch Dsquared2 headlong into Summer with these beautifully shot images starring no less than plus-size super Crystal Renn . . . thanks goodness for Summer!



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