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fashion: rewind // a look back at the genius of Montana

12 Mar

The 80’s were many things to many people, but most notably perhaps they were the beginning of the mass consumer appeal of fashion, and in particular fashion houses.  Of course we’ve always been obsessed with trends, so it’s a broad statement you might say, but mega-brands like Gucci, Prada, Dior were in financial dire-straits in the mid-eighties.  And boom out of nowhere the shoulder-pad reinvented fashion overnight.

One man was at the forefront of that change, and that man was Montana.

Although regrettably most famous for bankrupting Lanvin (costing them a reported $50 million), a new book delves into why Claude Montana was one of the most sought-after fashion designers that defined the ’80s and continues to be an underlying force behind today’s styles. “Claude Montana: Fashion Radical,” co-authored with fashion journalist Marielle Cro, gives a retrospective look at the French designer’s aggressive tailoring, dramatic silhouettes and bold use of color.

Montana – we salute you.



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