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video: return of the event video? $1m buys you that much surely?

16 Jun

In the epic $1m video for Run the World (Girls), Beyoncé and her female army bludgeon a squadron of grim-faced riot police into submission with nothing more than the power of their glamour and some highly choreographed dance routines. An apocalyptic landscape is the backdrop for this act of insurrection, although luckily there is no shortage of designer outfits in the post-nuclear world.

The video, featuring 242 dancers, one horse, one lion, two oversized hyenas on chains and myriad costume changes, was shot over three days in the California desert and confirms Beyoncé’s position as the blowdried warrior queen of pop.

It also marks the return of something not seen since Michael Jackson led an army of the undead in Thriller and Simon Le Bon swanned about on a yacht in Rio: the mega-budget pop video.


video: Britney’s ’till the world ends’ new video first full look here.

6 Apr

Hers it is folks, the first full length look at Britney Spears ’till the world ends’ – we can’t help but notice that it’s basically just a rehash of her earlier video for ‘slave’ . . .




video: Britney back on game in video sneak-peak.

5 Apr

Britney gave us all a sneak of what we might expect from a possible world tour later this year with this 30second clip from her new video, ’till the world ends’.  For the video clip scroll down . . .

It's the end of the world as we know it: Britney Spears gets her post-apocalyptic groove on in the video for her latest single Till The World Ends
It's Britney, b**ch: The pop star tousles her blonde wavy hair as she sings seductively to the camera...
... before launching into a solo dance routine in front of a gold disc wall
Leather studded Spears: Britney is every inch the rock chick as she gets up close and personal with a male dancer
Apocalypse now: Meteors litter the sky destroying everything in their path...
... but the pop princess just wants to keep dancing
To the left, to the right: Britney and her dancers strut around the makeshift stage

Expected to top the Billboard charts this week with her 7th longplay release ‘femme fatale’ Britney looks back at the top of her game, but don’t take our word for it see it now.



music: something soothing for a Sunday evening.

27 Mar

Just play it – it’s a treasure.



video: vintage MJ/JJ scream video. pure art.

25 Mar

An empowered young couple together on video for their mega-selling duet, scream.  Michael Jackson and his sister Janet Jackson showed the world they weren’t hiding (it was of course famously during the whole child molestation accusations that the song was recorded) and more than that that the Jackson family was born to perform.  Sit back and enjoy.



video: essential listening to round off a Monday!

14 Mar

Old skool Tori Amos.  Turn it up loud, jump around the room.  Throw your arms in the air and pretend like it’s still the weekend, you know you want to.


video: Jennifer Lopez creates the sound of Summer?

13 Mar

OK, yes we’ll admit it.  It is too early to be talking sounds of the Summer already.  But hey, the fall collections have finished showing, and our local Gucci boutique has already started to move the summer merchandise out of the way.

So even though it’s March who are we to argue when the indomitable Jennifer Lopez comes back from what looked like a career stalling break as judge on top US show Americal Idol, and with what promises to be THE sound you’re guaranteed to hear on a dancefloor this summer?

Incorporating a sample from Kaoma’s 1989 single “Lambada” and fused with latin beats, the song has rewached top 5 in the US and after just one week’s release the video has reached over 25million hits on YouTube.  Whats all the fuss about?  Well check it out for yourself here . . .


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