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beauty: Keira Knightley for Vogue Italia.

23 Mar

Keira Knightly is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women on the planet, don’t believe us?  Well go ask Karl Lagerfeld who persoanlly ensured that she remains one of the premier faces of the House of Chanel.  Keira’s latest advert for Chanel has just premiered and is drawing gasps for how beautiful not only the advert itself is, but for how beautiful she looks too.  We premiered news of the shoot exclusively here last September and now the whole world gets to see what we were buzzing about.

Speaking exclusively to Vogue Italia she says of working with Karl, “I like working with him, he knows how to make me feel at ease, I’m not one of those people who benefits from conflict. If I’m tense I cannot give a good performance”.  We couldn’t agree more!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia.



fashion: Replay catches perfectly the playful California Summer we all dream of.

21 Mar

As we start to see blossom appear on the tree’s and wild spring bloom in the city parks, and wild forests around us, we are reminded that, as skilfully as mother nature does, the dead of Winter has gone and the rite of Spring is in a state of emergence.

One of our favourite things about this time of year is how the major brands weave the beauty of Spring and heat of Summer into their advertisements, and none have done so as effectively as Replay have with their latest campaign.  The spirit of a youthful and playful California Summer strikes the viewer in every image, making us all want to be a part of their gang.

California dreamin . . .


photography: Lady GaGa for iD

19 Mar

i-D Magazine usually treats us to a visual feast, and the latest issue is no exception.  Here we share 2 of the 4 Spring 2011 covers starring the beautiful Anja Rubik shot by Emma Summerton, of course though it’ll be the GaGa cover that garners the most attention.

The Exhibitionist Issue has a strong art theme – A-list movie star James Franco swaps acting for art, Aaron Rose of Beautiful Losers fame discusses the cultural importance of street art and Ryan McGinley explains why he prefers his subjects as nature intended.  The issue is released on the 24th, so get to your newsagents now, and reserve your place in the queue.  Run along now . . .


photography: Britney forever for V.

19 Mar

The media onslaught continues ahead of the release of the pop starlet’s new album, ‘femme fatale’ with a spread in the latest issue of V magazine, and whilst we cannot comment on the heavy airbrushing obviously used here – we do know that the soft pastel colours feel so right for Spring 2011.  Lets just hope the next video lives up to the hype after the disappointing ‘hold it against me’.


art/design/fashion: le book live.

18 Mar

There remains one Industry bible that – even in todays multi-channel, ultra-connected, high-tech world – remains the top dog of creative contacts.  Ladies and Gentleman Le Book needs no introduction, frankly if you think it does, well, let’s just say.  It’s like a Gucci sweater, those that know.  Know.

Keeping the top creative’s in touch across London, Paris, New York and now Hamburg Le Book is the go to bible for everyone in the know, who’s doing what, who’s who, and where they are.  If you don’t have it, you need it!

Le book live – Paris March 30/31st.

photography: Coitus magazine

18 Mar

Mert and Marcus are know for the, well exaggerated homoerotic nature of their photography (hell they even made Victoria Beckham look a little masculine in their famous Armani ad’s featuring the former Spice Girl) but these shots for the latest issue of ‘Coitus‘ featuring Brazilian model Arthur Sales magazine accentuate that to the MAX.


Hot summer indeed!



art: NYC timelapse video.

18 Mar

Featured from Mindrelic, photography by Josh Owens.

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