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topshop: Nike re-opens underground sports store.

6 Jul

Shhh don’t tell anyone, but Nike has re-opened their underground sports store 1948 in Londons Shoreditch.  The store is in an area known for fashion hipsters and is around the corner from ultra trendy members club Shoreditch House, and rumoured new location of an East-London Prada store . . .

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Taking it’s architectural que from the railway arch it is situated in it balances clean lines with the occasional pop of linear LED lighting – feeling a little more like an Apple store than a true sportswear store we’re sure that this is going to be one of our favourite shopping destinations this Summer.


topshop: Marc Jacobs brings a little something extra to Tokyo

10 Apr

Tokyo has long been known as a retailing haven, not least for the mega-cutting edge technology and high spec finish most retailers adhere to when opening there – the world (well, ok, perhaps just us) was agog at the new Herzog and De Meuron store for Prada, and it seems like they have a young upstart facing them across the street too . . .

Marc Jacobs has opened literally across the street in our image, above, you can see the Prada store on the left, and Marc Jacobs glowing on the right.

Designed by Stephan Jaklitsch Architects, does he have a store that embodies his love of everything Japanese aesthetics.   The 2,800-square-foot space, which sits on a side street in the ritzy but charming Tokyo neighborhood of Aoyama, is a retail spin on the Japanese obsession with packaging: Although the interior looks like some other Marc Jacobs spaces, with sleek fixtures displaying brocade skirts and bottles of Bang, outside it’s a visual feast. The building’s mix of the traditional and the unorthodox—including striated levels topped off with a ghost wall, known as a kosakubutsu in Japanese—is at home on a block that includes a giant Prada store and a gemlike Cartier shop (although neither can boast an Award of Excellence from the American Institute of Architects, which the Marc Jacobs store received this past summer).


fashion: go bananas; inside Muccia’s mind.

30 Mar

Today we take a sneak peak inside the Prada lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011.  We’re left feeling a little like we’ve stepped ‘literally‘ inside a brainstorm drawn by Ms Prada herself.

The pages looks like a veritable explosion of Muccia’s mind, and whilst if we were in the medical profession we might be a little concerned by the models walking along the ceiling (below), and the entire collection being swept into a swirling yellow and black vortex (above) – we here at AP. want to dive right in . . .

Shop Prada.


fashion: furreal, it’s Prada!

2 Mar

Not that you needed it, but here’s proof that Muccia has her finger on the fur covered button with both current SS/11 and future AW/11 collections featuring fur in a varitey of colours and textures.


Yes we’re not sure that the Havana inspired collection for the heat of summer will require fur, but hey – there is just no knowing how cold a St Tropez evening can get!!!


fashion: the big 4, Milan, Prada showroom

26 Feb

image courtesy of purplemag.


fashion: prada book . . . you know, as it’s my birthday n’all!

3 Feb

Just a few pages from my latest must have . . . the Prada book!


Say it with me.  MewwwwwwwwwwwCHA Prada!


fashion: a sneak peak at what we’ll all be wearing in 2011

21 Oct

Leave it to the wonderful Miuccia Prada to show us ALL how its done, and this catwalk show was by no means an exception.  A sneak peak at the brilliant madness of Spring Summer 2011 in Prada.




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