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topshop: Puma AG takes on Paris. Totally wins.

17 Jun


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The redesign of a Parisian Puma store infuses a retail environment with sustainable and innovative design, including iPad walls, reconfigurable walls and illuminated shoe displays. Inspired by Puma’s four key philosophies – fairness, honesty, positivity and creativity – the shop’s décor engages customers through interactive experiences with high-tech gadgets.

iPads are scattered throughout the two-storey shop and are connected to the ‘Puma joy pad,’ a huge iPad wall framed by red transparent glass. Customers can interact with the wall using specially developed apps; in the future, this will be connected to other Puma stores via live streaming.

Inside the 200-sq-m shop, products are displayed as though ‘heroes.’ According to designers at Berlin-based Plajer & Franz Studio, this concept not only enhances the display of products, but intentionally creates a navigation system for shoppers.


design: APAP Open School / LOT-EK

16 Jun

Infamously known for their work with shipping containers (be sure to check out their Puma City check it here), American-firm LOT -EK has nearly completed the , in .  The containers are perched atop each other creating spaces beneath them for a public amphitheater, within them for educational functions and even on top of them for a long decked roof offering great views.

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Looks like we’ll be enrolling for summer school real soon . . .


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