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photography: Coitus magazine

18 Mar

Mert and Marcus are know for the, well exaggerated homoerotic nature of their photography (hell they even made Victoria Beckham look a little masculine in their famous Armani ad’s featuring the former Spice Girl) but these shots for the latest issue of ‘Coitus‘ featuring Brazilian model Arthur Sales magazine accentuate that to the MAX.


Hot summer indeed!



fashion: beckham breaks us vogue, finally!

16 Sep

Looks like the long winter for Beckham is over as Wintour has thawed, slightly!

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has finally broken into US Vogue.  Well, her new bag collection has at least.  US Vogue has always eluded Victoria, who with 5 covers for the international versions of the fashion bible under her belt has always, if rumour is to be believed, been desperate to land a cover on the American stablemate.

Anna Wintour has famously always given the former pop queen a wide berth, but now it seems that is about the change, with the segment in the latest issue of Vogue (below), looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer for that cover . . .


fashion: beckham adds some spice to fashion week

13 Sep

Victoria Beckham wowed the fashion glitterati yet again last night with her latest collection of dresses.  The Beckham brand showed no signs of slowing down or exhausting creative output, and is moving head first into both full denim ranges, eyewear, and accessories.  Surely it won’t be long before brand Beckham gets a retail outlet to add polish, to her polish.

“I LOVE New York, and I live in America now; this is my home,” – so said Victoria Beckham when asked by Vogue.com as to why she shows in NYC as opposed to London, Milan or Paris. “Well, this is closest to my home,” said the LA resident with a laugh.

Well, where ever she decides to show, we’re just pleased that she did at all judging by this stunning collection.


fashion: time to go green.

8 Sep

Victoria Beckham is a girl that is always one step ahead of the fashion crowd.  Of course she should be, most of the top designers are on her speed-dial, but even so, heres photos of VB as she jetted back into NYC ahead of the start of Fashion Week, to show her new collection, in a stunning emerald green dress by British label Goat.

Looks like we’ll all be going green next season then . . .


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