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video: hard rock cafe: the rockwall.

17 Jun

For a totally immersive experience giving you access to the entire back catalogue of Hard Rock Cafe memorabilia – a totally interactive multi-user experience that offers iPad like user interface.  Yup, we’re not entirely sure what that means either, but hey . . . we want a go . . .

fashion: Just in! Marc Jacobs Spring Summer video.

28 Mar

Marc Jacobs presents his spring summer 2011 collection, in a film shot in New York’s Hotel James. We love the commercial look of the video, and the fun, direct way he reminds us of the name of each garment.

The video itself is nothing special, with a mediocre storyline and acting. But the naive look and the way they introduce the products give it a very personal touch.


music: something soothing for a Sunday evening.

27 Mar

Just play it – it’s a treasure.



video: essential listening to round off a Monday!

14 Mar

Old skool Tori Amos.  Turn it up loud, jump around the room.  Throw your arms in the air and pretend like it’s still the weekend, you know you want to.


video: Jennifer Lopez creates the sound of Summer?

13 Mar

OK, yes we’ll admit it.  It is too early to be talking sounds of the Summer already.  But hey, the fall collections have finished showing, and our local Gucci boutique has already started to move the summer merchandise out of the way.

So even though it’s March who are we to argue when the indomitable Jennifer Lopez comes back from what looked like a career stalling break as judge on top US show Americal Idol, and with what promises to be THE sound you’re guaranteed to hear on a dancefloor this summer?

Incorporating a sample from Kaoma’s 1989 single “Lambada” and fused with latin beats, the song has rewached top 5 in the US and after just one week’s release the video has reached over 25million hits on YouTube.  Whats all the fuss about?  Well check it out for yourself here . . .


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